Drag race package (Level 1)

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  • BMR Suspension has taken the guesswork out of making huge launch improvements to the S197 Mustang, and put it all in one convenient package. Countless hours of design, engineering, and track testing gives you the best combination of parts for remarkable traction and launch consistency on the street and track. Matching specific components and improving suspension geometry provides you with an incredible blend of performance, aesthetics, and comfort. This is the perfect suspension solution for anyone looking for the ultimate in street and track performance.
    BMR?s DRP001 Level 1 Drag Race Package (DRP001) addresses all the major points of the rear suspension, improving the ?system? and not just a few components. BMR Suspension designed the DRP001 to work well for street performance and drag race applications. The entire system is 100-percent bolt-in and require zero cutting, welding, or modification to the chassis or suspension.
    BMR?s DRP001 Level 1 Drag Race Package is designed to give you the ultimate in straight-line performance, while remaining comfortable enough to drive on the street. The combination of parts is designed to truly transform the car into a track monster. This package address nearly all parts of the rear suspension system, and the installation is best suited for a seasoned mechanic. Whether you simply want more traction for your daily driver, or the ultimate drag strip car, rely on BMR Suspension!
    BMR Suspension offers a no-compromise solution with it's dual-durometer five-piece polyurethane replacement bushing. By designing the bushing as a multi-piece unit, it allowed them to keep the inside portion stiff for great straight-line acceleration and the outside portions soft for bind-free articulation.
    A 5/8? centerless ground, hard chrome piston provides increased durability and eliminates piston rod flex. The machined, forged aluminum body is lightweight and stronger than billet. The body is bright anodized for unmatched durability, ease of maintenance and show winning appearance. The Stocker Stars also feature a three step sealing system that uses aerospace material and an exclusively engineered double lip seal with wiper to eliminate seal drag and dirt intrusion.
    Each shock is 100% dyno tested and serialized to assure consistency in production and performance. The bushing material is exclusive to QA1 shocks and all mounting hardware is either zinc or chrome plated for durability and professional appearance. They also use an exclusive nylon race bearing for smooth, bind-free operation.
    Buying the kit saves you $40!
    BMR Suspension?s DRP001 Level 1 Drag Race Package is available in black hammertone and red powdercoat for long-lasting good looks. Installation time is 8-12 hours. Proudly made in the U.S.A.