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The BILSTEIN B12-Pro-Kit series offers the perfect start to lower your car and get that sporty driveability. The formula: Four high-performance shock absorbers, four springs, best tuning and BILSTEIN expertise.
A winning combination.

The BILSTEIN B12 Pro-Kit allows vehicles to be lowered up to 40mm. The kit has the perfect combination of sporty dynamics, aesthetics, and load bearing capacity. This BILSTEIN B12 kits consist of tailor-made BILSTEIN B6/B8 high-performance shock absorbers that are perfectly matched with EIBACH springs for an optimal ride.

BILSTEIN B12 Pro-Kit Mustang 2007-2011

SKU: BLN-46-207364
$1,443.00 Regular Price
$1,339.00Sale Price
  • 46-207364
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