Fuel System, A1000 Stealth, Fittings / Filters / Pump / Rails / Speed Controller, Ford Modular, Ford Mustang

Aeromotive 2010-17 Stealth A1000 Street Fuel System with 5.0L 4-V Fuel Rails

SKU: 7KP-AFS17325
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  • For 2010-2017 Mustang GT Chassis with 5.0L 4-V Coyote engine and/or equivalent intake.
    Upgrade the fuel system of popular late model Mustangs with the all-in-one, Stealth A1000 or Stealth Eliminator. Fuel pump installs directly into the OEM tank, integrating with the stock fuel level sending unit and transfer pump. The Stealth A1000 system is capable of feeding up engines with up to 1,300 horsepower, while the Stealth Eliminator can provide fuel for applications with up to 1,900 horsepower. Each system is complete with fuel rails, pressure regulator, fuel pump, fuel filter, one-way check valve, necessary fittings, wiring kit and all hardware. Choose from Race or Street/continuous duty systems, which include a fuel pump speed controller.