2005-2007 Corvette C6 with LS2 engine

STS Turbo C6 LS2 Remote Mounted Twin Turbo System with Hand-Held

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  • STS2001T
  • STS Turbo systems overcome the challenges of traditional turbo installations by mounting the turbos at the rear of the car. This allows you to retain stock exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, and mid pipes. Stock intake and throttle body can also retained if desired. Relocating the turbos to the rear helps avoid adding additional heat under your hood and you won't have to worry about clearance or interference issues with the belts, pulleys, or accessories in the engine bay. You'll also get better weight transfer since the turbos are in the rear and not adding additional weight to the front of your vehicle.
    These systems include an STS Turbo specific DiabloSport inTune i3 handheld along with higher rate fuel injectors.
    STS direct fit remote mount turbo systems come complete with all the components needed for an OEM quality installation.
    • Patented remote-vehicle design (U.S. Patent 6,745,568) offers a true bolt-on, twin turbo solution producing increased horsepower and torque across a very broad power curve
    • Remote-vehicle design eliminates increased under hood temps by having the turbos in back while also decluttering the engine bay so normal repairs and upgrades can be done without removing turbochargers and tubing
    • These turbo systems do not modify or affect factory emissions devices
    • Provides a unique performance sound since the turbos act as a muffler while turbo spool and rushing air from the blow-off valve make a distinctive sound that?s sure to turn heads! No need for expensive headers, mufflers, or exhaust systems
    • No need for major vehicle modifications as each system is designed to attach to factory mounts.
    • Mounted in place of the stock mufflers, our system is custom engineered to spool quickly, while eliminating all of the installation and excess heat issues of a front-mounted turbo system
    • The turbos utilize wasted energy leaving your tailpipe and many see 1-3 mpg increase in gas mileage compared to their original stock mpg numbers along with lower emissions
    • Systems include front mounted air-to-air intercooler and utilizes 304 stainless steel tubing for maximum strength and reduced weight
    • Approximately 500?F lower turbo temperatures eliminates the need for a turbo-timer, which requires the